April 2022


What hope is there for the rest of us? Is it something in the Kiwi drinking water? Team Davies, the old boy on the wire and 10-year-old Hugo on the stick, waltzed their way to this year’s Cherub title in New Zealand, ending the 10-race series with a perfect score (yes, they did discard a race win). To runners-up Brad and Merrick, commiserations, that’s some hot fleet you got going down there. Hell of a job, Hugo, hell of a job! (And to the Opti parents, maybe join the 21st century?)
 Why they won
‘Sorry, Boris, this is a race you can’t win!’ – Rainer Wilhelm; ‘Ray Davies, for being a good crew to Hugo?’ – Howard Spencer; ‘A bright future awaits’ – Tink Chambers; ‘Little legend’ – Grandad Graeme; ‘Even more impressive having to lump his old man around’ – Cameron Dunn; ‘Apples and trees’ – Morgan Larson; ‘Mother’s genes!!!’ – Marieke Poulie; ‘It’s hard enough getting a 10-year-old away from the TV’ – Tom Weaver.