April 2016


Another sailor putting heart and soul into advancing the big boat scene is Britain’s finest... Volvo veteran and multiple skiff, Int 14 and Moth champion Greenhalgh has now spent over 18-months on point as a bunch of owners and sailors work together to get the Fast40+ initiative up and rolling. Right now it looks like the boy done good, with 14 boats registered for their first season as a class including several new designs
 Why they won
‘Always remembers the little guys’ – Ali Devlin; ‘He works tirelessly for the development of the sport’ – Matt Stark; ‘Moth champion to Volvo to Fast40+ promoter!’ – Lucy Armstrong; ‘The sharp point of a new racing fleet, the boy done good’ – Craig Nutter; ‘The most dedicated sailor I have come across’ – Timo Malinen; ‘And bl**dy good fun to sail with’ – John Tat; ‘Plus the intergalactic champion in the Hamble Foxer fleet’ – Nick O’Donnell; ‘But as a youngster he was always being reprimanded over his behaviour…’ – Pam Marrs.