April 2015


Yes, we’re certainly a little biased when it comes to giving one of our regular writers a bit of a puff but... as the record books show, some 67 International 14s lined up for the 2015 worlds in Geelong of which the stunning total of one boat (sic) was drawn by our multiple model yachting and gliding champion. And that one boat, in the hands of Glenn Truswell and Sam Pascoe, wrapped up a tough series with a day to spare
 Why they won
‘The first reach was nuts, with white sails we were doing crazy speeds. Our boat was just mental, it just goes and goes’ – Glenn Truswell (with Sam Pascoe above); ‘In the high-tech world of RC yachting Dave has been outstanding in designing, building and sailing. At the top of the game for 30 years he still ranks in the top 3 in the world – and his foil designs helped me to 8 world titles!’ – Graham Bantock; ‘I won the worlds with an A-Class designed by Dave as part of his 12-Metre research... Thanks!’ – Derek Priestley.