April 2012

Conrad Colman (NZL)

Get voting, Sam… The winners of Leg 2 of the Global Ocean Race sailed into Wellington with a secret. Only once close family had been informed was it confirmed that Sam Goodchild had fallen overboard from the pair’s Class 40 approaching New Zealand in very rough conditions and had only been saved after a lengthy demonstration of quite exemplary seamanship on the part of his calm Kiwi co-skipper
 Why they won
‘Mad as a bag of ferrets but a great guy and a top sailor’ – Hamish Macdonald; ‘He’s seaworthy enough to win this thing!’ – Kathryn Walker; ‘Saving a life and winning the race’ – Pascaline Hirsch; ‘Good deeds deserve grand recognition’ – Helen Littlewood; ‘The quickness of mind plus courage to make vital decisions’ – Kristin Arthur; ‘Extraordinary seamanship’ – Jaime Darder; ‘Clear and calm under maximum stress… a magnificent example’ – Clare Smillie.