2008 APRIL

Francis Joyon (FRA)

First a reminder to Sailing Anarchy and Rule 69 bloggers that you now get a voice in picking our nominees – please take advantage and be heard… That said, we’re sorry but this one was maybe just a bit of a no-brainer. What is there left to say? Great guy, quiet, modest, runs his programmes on a shoestring (and, yes, he usually really does paint his own boats, last time on a disused tennis court). Fantastic...
Why they won
‘Thanks for nominating me again – I think I've got a bit on to win this time! In fact, I would have voted for Joyon but wanted to make sure that I wasn't the first-ever nominee with no votes’ – Ian Williams; ‘Ian Williams vs Joyon. At least give the boy a chance! How can you vote against a god’ – Scott MacLeod.

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