April 2002

Luc Gellusseau (FRA)

Few outside the French America's Cup circle will appreciate how close Le Defi has been to folding in the two years since Auckland 2000. But Gellusseau has somehow kept technical development going and now they have a sponsor! That's justice
 Why they won
The saviour of France's Le Defi topped skiff sailor Trevor Baylis 62 per cent to 38 per cent. But the good news for Baylis's fans is we now know that he really is an American - and not 'a Canuk'; thanks to Cam Lewis and to many, many others for that correction! 'Luc is really a hero, not just for his sailing but because of "rescuing" Le Defi' - Juan Kouyoumdjian. 'A great sailor, smart and gracious' - Bernard Gallay.