‘Horace!’ – Fabien Delahaye; ‘Horace!!’ – Marie Riou; ‘Horace!!!’ – Andy Tourell; ‘Horace!!!!’ – Neil Graham (Albert); ‘Horace!!!!!’ – Stu Bannatyne; ‘Horace!!!!!!’ – Bruno Dubois; ‘Sailing’s future, he shares his passion with the sailing school for kids he created in Shenzhen and still has time to promote good waste management at home!’ – Guillaume Semblat; ‘The nicest and hardest-working sailor I have ever met’ – Cyrille Douillet; ‘What Horace, Wolf and Black did is incredible, never been offshore to winning the Volvo!’ – Sally Monkman; ‘I was training Horace on the Figaro and he is a very good sailor’ – Gildas Morvan. 请致电我们
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Sailor of the Month CAROLIJN BROUWER (NED)
For pedants: Olympian Carolijn Brouwer sailed all but one leg, more than any other of the talented and fast women sailors on Dongfeng and so becomes the first female racer to win the Volvo Race. An incredible achievement and it should only be an embarrassment for those in a position to act if the women who raced so hard through the Southern Ocean do not soon get some emails inviting them to try out for a good grand prix programme
In doing a deal with Imoca you could say that Brisius (pictured) and Salen, multiple Volvo winners as managers, have pulled off in a few months what should have been done more than 10 years ago when the Volvo 60s passed their shelf life. More than that, they have already grabbed the race by the scruff of the neck and are delivering the confidence needed for people to start putting programmes together for 2021

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