New Boats

DescriptionA new range of high-performance luxury cruising catamarans join this expanding sector. So good that the builders are calling them Supercats.
DescriptionExpect the new Ker 33 to be every bit as successful as the previous Ker IRC 40.
First Launch : 2014
DescriptionCurved C-profile daggerboards and T-foil rudders to improve performance and reduce pitching in a seaway
DescriptionPlenty of form stability plus a deep-draught carbon fin and heavy bulb combine to give this natural sibling of the successful MC38 tremendous power to make maximum use of the generous sail plan
First Launch : Apr 2015
DescriptionKer effected an IRC revolution when his relatively lightweight Ker 40s started cleaning up two years ago. This is the latest evolution of the marque.
First Launch : September 2012
DescriptionWhat looks likely to be another fast-cruising success from this growing manufacturer
First Launch : Oct 2014
$77,474 CIF Annapolis MD, USAUSD
DescriptionThe Donovan 26 OD is an evolution of the successful GP26 built by Wrace Boats
First Launch : Spring 2018
DescriptionLighter in displacement than its race-winning predecessor, the new Ker 40+ features a deeper fin as well as an increase in reserve volume forward
First Launch : Feb 2015
DescriptionThe Botin FAST 40 is the latest and greatest design at this size and with what Botin Partners have learnt over recent years and their involvement in other fleets, the boat looks set to be the boat to beat...... Hull #1 and #2 now SOLD. Call us now to see how you can secure build #2.
First Launch : 2018
DescriptionThe first dual-purpose cruiser/racer from the McConaghy/Ker partnership. Huge promise whilst on the race track as usual, but some proper interior comfort.
First Launch : 2017
DescriptionGS 34, the legend's return The mythical Grand Soleil 34 is a true legend: designed by Finot in the 1970s, has remained in production until the 1980's, with over 300 hulls made. Today, past and future meet in this restyling, based on the same concept as a small-big boat.
First Launch : 2017
DescriptionPaul Hakes has teamed up with Hudson Yachts to deliver this thoroughly foxy-looking new flush-deck 42-footer.
First Launch : Feb 2013
DescriptionNo surprise that at an ex-works price of US$38,000 these fast and good-looking little speedsters have been flying out of the factory.
First Launch : Sept 2014
DescriptionThe latest fruit of the Mills Design/MAT Yachts partnership is this aggressive IRC racer.
DescriptionThe second iteration from the Ker Yachts Design team, which offers vast levels of optimisation on from the original 40ft boat. The Ker 40+ is GRAND PRIX in every aspect!
First Launch : 2015
DescriptionPre-preg carbon speedster for crewed and shorthanded offshore racing and employing the patented Dynamic Stability System.
First Launch : Oct 2015
DescriptionHarry Dunning’s low-freeboard flyer offers a super cool – and cool-looking – way into the growing mid-sized ‘HPR-style’ pure performance arena
First Launch : Sept 2011
DescriptionThe K36-SAMURAI is an all carbon light-weight high performance boat suitable for both inshore around-the-buoys and offshore long distance races. ACT, SDK structures and Pauger carbon have teamed up. 5 boats has been sold.
First Launch : Mar 2016
DescriptionAn ultra-powerful new 44-footer that is directly descended from Carkeek’s all-conquering HPR 40.
First Launch : Nov 2015
DescriptionMarcelo Botín enters the HPR market... Good for the designers and similarly good for HPR.
First Launch : May 2013
DescriptionNew Ker 46+ - Updated, high-performance design for 2018. Based on the original version but turbo charged..... watch this space for info...... Hull #1 sold and sailing. Hull #2 sold and under construction
First Launch : 2017
65000 USDUSD
DescriptionThis quick production-built WraceBoats GP26 features a lifting keel and rudder for easy access and trailer launching.
First Launch : 2011
DescriptionLibertist is freedom, speed, and sheer joy of sailing. It is of the best quality and innovative materials. Very light, equipped with minifoils, rotating carbon mast, and ample electronics. The trimaran has been created for demanding sailors who love their sport.
First Launch : Sep 2017
DescriptionEuropean Yacht of the Year 2016/17 - The Outremer 4X
DescriptionThe FC53 Fast Cruiser by Knierim is a very interesting boat for all who want to combine speed and comfort.
DescriptionDesigner Stefan Qviberg’s latest hull form flies in strong winds and is impressively stiff to windward
First Launch : Nov 2014
DescriptionAt just under 60ft the flagship of this successful and well-established multihull supplier also offers a step-up in performance with naval architecture by VPLP
First Launch : 2013