August 2015


Dream start
Eight brand new custom-built grand prix racers (and one 2014-turbo) went to the line in Valencia. ROB WEILAND has plenty to be proud about

Levelling the pitch
BAR Technical Director ANDY CLAUGHTON helps bring ‘proper’ racing to the superyacht fleet

Some family
The Melges sailing dynasty is without parallel. BILL GOGGINS and DAVE DECKER catch up with all three of the most recent generations…

A lateral question
There’s more to foiling than meets the eye… as KEVIN ELLWAY and ALAN SMITH explain to ANDY RICE

Improving the breed
Little is heard these days of DICK CARTER, one of the most influential offshore designers of the modern era. But life still offers plenty of interest, as CARTER explains to JOHN ROUSMANIERE


Commodore’s letter


A very special Australian (though reclaimed by London for all the good bits), TIM JEFFEREY remembers ALAN BOND and the events leading up to the 1983 Cup Match. Plus the 2017 Cup format just grew again and BOB FISHER is all in favour of San Francisco’s 12 Metre contest

World news
Those scows (finally) take another step forward, it’s the Jules Verne for FRANCIS JOYON, birth of the Collectif Ultim, new Kiwi speedster (for Australia…), TOM ADDIS returns to the fray and a closer look at MR EHMAN’S latest plans… BLUE ROBINSON, IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
Is busy homemaking in Bermuda…

ORC column

ISAF column
JOHN CRAIG and continuing improvements to the Sailing World Cup

Design – Cracking effort
STEPHAN BODEN and ALEX VROLIJK have come up with something extremely special

Seahorse build table – Moving (swiftly) on
Foil-innovator IAN WARD continues on the trail of the fast, manageable and affordable foiler

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Mighty achievements… plenty of significance