June 2024


It’s Olympic year

Three continents three fleets
And 100 real raceboats… ROB WEILAND celebrates the success of two new TP52 fleets

Catamarán loco
DR IAN WARD was one of the two people (with Jon Ilett) who first got a single centreline foil to successfully fly an International Moth. Now he’s doing away with appendages altogether

Jerry the jumper
If there is ever a trophy for the world’s most enthusiastic sailor JERRY KIRBY will get a bye into the semi-finals. CAROL CRONIN explains

Rebuild better
First came Pride, then Ikra, then came La Nioulargue and later still Les Voiles de St Tropez. MAURIZIO COSSUTTI, WILL GRAVES, NICOLA BROLLO AND STEVE BENJAMIN

How to make a boat – Part I
When describing the wide range of modern tools available to today’s designers you soon run out of acronyms. Yet some of the best ‘racing machines’ ever still start life on a drawing board. DAVE HOLLOM tells how the magic happens

Chilly bits
At 77 degrees north DAN HOUSTON misplaces the ballast (bad) but meets a polar bear (unsure)


Perpetual motion

Lighter, more versatile, nearly friction free

Big sea (small boat)

Good for all

Not what you may expect?

A boat for all ages

New Generation 80


Commodore’s letter


Of flying lessons and racecar aerodynamics, in Barcelona the wait is almost over and soon we (and they) will know… Meanwhile, let’s hope that AC37 also shows that ‘les brilliant grenouilles’ can get around marks as well as they can get around the world. CARLOS PICH, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, STEPHAN KANDLER

World News
A bit more noise than usual, another MANUARD winner, KEVIN ESCOFFIER is ‘out of jail’ (for now), RUSSELL blows a gasket at home (but does agree with DALTS). Plus a famous name to seed US Admiral’s Cup ambitions for 2025. DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ERWAN LE ROUX, IVOR WILKINS, RUSSELL COUTTS, MAGNUS WHEATLEY, CAROLINE BOULE

Rod Davis – No second chances
Nope, do not treat the Olympic Games as ‘just another regatta’

Sam Goodchild – It’s too late now
Vendée Globe 2024… all of the key decisions have been taken so now it’s time for a look at the odds

IRC – Promoting development
Time for a birthday party. JENNY HOWELLS


Seahorse build table – Toe management
A winning solution… CHARLES DARBYSHIRE

Ahead of the curve (again)

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Let’s hear it for the second generation