July 2018


Seems that Armel Le C’léac’h had been finding new ways to make his Imoca 60s go faster…

First steps (always) are exciting
Close and intriguing start to the TP52 year. Less tight for the Fast40s… ROB WEILAND

The calm before the hurricane
Reefable wing sails are getting there – and now there is the substantial boost coming from the new AC75 programmes. JOCELYN BLERIOT, MARC VAN PETEGHEM, BRUNO BELMONT, EDOUARD KESSI, ROMARIC NEYHOUSSER

It’s 1926 and Jolie Brise owner – and Ocean Racing Club co-founder – George Martin wants to do the Bermuda Race… CLARE MCCOMB

The game of drones
Emirates Team New Zealand’s magic ingredient. NICK BOWERS and ROB KOTHE

A busy year
1983 and at the new San Diego design ‘office’ of Reichel/Pugh life is about to change. JIM PUGH and DOBBS DAVIS

A foot in both camps
When not fettling their fleet of classic boats one famous New Zealand yard is restoring Whitbread maxis and building superyachts. IVOR WILKINS


This should be good!

Performance legacy

Stick to your last

Full house

Best of the best

When trial and error is no longer enough


Commodore’s letter

ANDREW HURST - And did anyone else understand any of that?

Tricky (Cup) details, another (eventually) happy customer, very strange decisions arrived at very strangely. GARY JOBSON, JOE LACEY, DOBBS DAVIS, DAVE HUGHES, STEVE BENJAMIN, JACK GRIFFIN, DON STREET

World news
The unstoppable Class40, the (new) Aussie dirt-bike king, a very tough leg. Plus… the Italians are coming? GLENN ASHBY, PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON, IVOR WILKINS, GIULIANO LUZZATTO

Paul Cayard – Even the longest journey
The perfect storm… or rather bottleneck

IRC – Passion and common sense
The big four… well, really three plus an ambitious new boy. And why course selection is everything

Seahorse build table – Tidy package?
Bruised but back… FRANÇOIS LANGE

RORC news – A grand venue

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Olympic champions in the game of putting back