February 2021



ROB WEILAND is doing his level best to look on the bright side with some cautious predictions

An ingenious mind
C RAYMOND HUNT – famous for his racing powerboats but, as TOM PRICE says, prodigious too in creating fast and innovative sailboats

Ee by gum!
ANDY CLAUGHTON is looking forward to the world’s biggest ever eSailing Regatta down in Auckland

Divide et Impera
Computational fluid dynamics, so easily quoted so rarely understood. MANUEL FLUCK

It’s all in the mind – Part II
DAVID MUNGE talks to PROF VINCENT WALSH about doing the little things better…

Neck on the line
Who’d volunteer to be an America’s Cup pundit, especially among the tense, dark swamps of AC75 design? DAVE HOLLOM, obviously


The finest meals will always require the best ingredients

New classic

Taking care of home

Better than ever

The best yet?


Commodore’s letter


Match racing round the world, are foilers the answer (or is it the wrong question), CHARLIE DALIN master boatbuilder, serious times in Kiwi, with a lot still to learn… and are we all heading up a blind alley? PATRICE CARPENTIER, JEAN LE CAM, MRS LE CAM), JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, ROBERT LAINE

World news
Miracle in the south, foils good cassettes bad, BEYOU’s lonely odyssey, and SAM’s inspirational one, the hidden speed of YANNICK BESTAVEN, how Team NZ built three AC75s… campaigning through uncertainty. Plus the beautiful KEVIN BURNHAM, GLENN ASHBY, STEVE BENJAMIN, LISA DARMANIN, DAN BERNASCONI, IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON

Rod Davis – Party time
The games begin… Plus the good, the bad and the plain incomprehensible

IMA – Reset time

ORC – A tough job
More people are spending more money and are making (much) more effort to race big multihulls competitively so it’s only right that the scoring too should be more accurate. DOBBS DAVIS

RORC news – Due process

Seahorse build table – Pocket rocket
Thirty-foot, potential for homebuilding, fast as a scalded cat and foxy to boot. KEVIN DIBLEY

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Two ‘works in progress’ but they’ve done enough