Neo 570c
Bari-based Neo Yachts has followed the success of the 400 and 350 with its most audacious reach yet for the edge of the racer cruiser envelope. The Carkeek designed Neo 570c is targeting the performance of a modern TP52 with the comforts of a cruising design.

Some journey

Over the past 50 years the Harken brothers and the family company that bears their name have become integral to every area of performance sailing. But this story is more about a colourful pair of engineers and an international manufacturer that is, even in 2018, more an extension of their family. Then there’s the colourful part…

Seahorse: We’ve heard on the grapevine that your 50th anniversary was quite an event…

Peter Harken: Funny you should open with that, but I’m feeling a little fuzzy this morning, to be honest! We had another 50th here in Italy – a bit different from the official one, it was just for the employees and their families and all their kids. And it was a really good blast, so to speak…

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